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Well, I might be back. I want to be, but I don't know how well I can dedicate myself to... myself.

Anywhoo. I just realized while reviewing my user info that there has been a glaring typo there for what I assume to be... a few years! HA! And no, it isn't in the actual text, but in those little .jpg banners I have. Even worse. Seems more permanent that way. I typed: "evyerthing."

According to the counter at the bottom (how did that get there, btw?), almost 4,000 people have been witness to the fact that I cannot, in fact, spell.

Just thought I'd share.

boogie to the left, shake it to the right

It's Monday.

If I were Godzilla, and Monday were a small person, I would eat that bitch so fast.


holy hell. what's this, what's this?


So... I haven't been around, and things look really different now. I feel half-retarded navigating LJ now, since I haven't seen it in about, oh, a year.

How's life on your end? I miss you guys. I'm sorry I up and left.

Me? I'm going to try to sum it up with categories and one-sentence answers, 'cause I like order and succinctness.
-Life: good, I guess. (Damn, why did I lead off the hard one? I blame the retardation.)
-Job: there's one and a half, and I actually like them both
-Writing: well, with one and a half jobs, there isn't as much time for that as I'd like. But I have written about three or four original short stories and short-shorts that're decent within the last year or so. I may put them up for editing/beta-ing purposes on a lockdown entry, but for publishing rights purposes won't be able to post them publicly. I don't think.
-Reading: currently on Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I've got it something bad for his writing and for the old west in general.
-Past Fandoms: been long gone from HP, and the last book sort of ruined it for me. (That rhymed.)
-Future Fandoms: what's a-brewing with True Blood? It's one of the only two or three TV shows I watch, and while I haven't been online fandom-wise in forever, I think it's pretty ripe for activity, especially something slashy. I know it's based on books, but that's about where that knowledge stops. Also, Gossip Girl has grabbed hold of me and I don't want it to let go.
-Movies: I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and loved it. Man, I am behind the times.

Okay, so I think that last category was pretty useless and superfluous, and that I ran out of real categories and just threw that one in there, so I'm gonna stop now before I start adding more.

ETA: I was Rizzo from Grease for Halloween. Yes, this was important enough to edit in. And yes, I did have a sweet pink lady jacket and badass Rizzo-attitude.


Oh I am bored. So very, very bored.

I'm spamming you right now curtesy of my super sweet new phone. But do not be jealous for I am currently wasting my life at work.

I could really go for a chili dog right now. With cheese.

Anybody see any good movies lately?
Hello there! I'm all undeleted now. I just wanted to... point that out. And so now I have. Okay.

Oh! And also, I upgraded my phone today and splurged on the cool new BlackBerry Pearl. I have been playing with it now for about seven hours. It is great fun. And now that I have a constant internet connection, you all can fully expect me to spam your flist with short, completely random and unimportant posts. Because that is most likely going to be my number one use for this phone. Hee!

Goodnight, lovelies.

RL emergency update

I think that a certain RL someone knows about my LJ, so I'm going to have to delete my LJ for a while, or make everything private. I don't want anyone to worry. This is all planned.

If you see my name crossed out in a few hours, just know that nothing serious has happened. I'm going into hiding, but will be back.

Okay, love you. Bye for now!
Okay, so I'm having a bit of a quandry, and I'd love y'alls help.

So, I'm still on this Angel kick. I'm just now wrapping up the third season (there are, I think, four episodes left?), and, well, you know what's coming up. The Season of DOOM. Which, okay, I admit that I DID go through another mini quandry when I had to decide whether or not to even BUY this season and it's awesome suckiness, but that was settled pretty quickly because it was on sale at Best Buy for $19.99. And also because a good friend of mine has been along for the ride, who has never even seen AtS before, and now she's hooked. She really wants to watch the whole thing. And while this helped solve my first quandry of, Am I going to watch past the third season?, it also created a whole new one: Should I warn my friend of the colossal collapse of character and storyline in season four?

I think that, besides the fact that they slowly, painfully assassinated my favorite character, season four sucks on so many levels. So very, very many. So should I tell my friend everything about this season, or just let her watch it, unspoiled? Should I just tell her about Cordy not being Cordy the whole season, and leave it at that? But see, that's pretty much the biggest spoiler there could be. But then again, I don't want her to end up hating Cordy, and then hating Joss because of the big, stupid, Ha Ha Gotcha! at the end. Or maybe I do want her to hate Joss. I want everyone to hate Joss, I think.

Ugh! I just don't know. So thus I poll y'all, for you are far wiser than I.

Poll #911640 The Quandry

So, what should I do?

Tell her everything! If you don't, she'll end up hating the show, like everyone else.
You can't tell her! You'd be spoiling the whole thing!
Maybe just mention that the writers were on crack, that you know the season is weird, but just try to get through it?
No, geez. Abby, you are such a moron sometimes. I have a much better suggestion. Which I've left in the comments.


Ticky is MASTER.

to the angel-mobile, away!

So, about a week ago, I whipped out my old Angel (AtS) DVDs, and... well. I have pretty much spent every spare moment since then watching the first two seasons. And OMG. Now I remember why I was so obsessed with this show. Can you say, Freakin' Awesome?

And with this new re-discovery come a few eye opening experiences:

1. I LOVE Doyle. Holy bejeezus do I ever. The first time around, my little Cordy/Angel shipper heart was so clouded over with hatred and jealousy that I never realized what a wonderful character he was. He is now one of my favorite Jossverse characters ever.

2. And, oh, the great, beautiful, wondrous slashability that is Wes/Gunn. Yes, they do love each other so very, very much, and I don't know what I didn't see that before.

3. Charisma = Beautiful. Oh, wait, I already knew that one.

Anyone know of any good, recent AtS fanfic? And by recent, I mean written within the last two or three years. (Yes, it has been that long. And it's really quite frightening to think about, yes.) I don't care about the timeline, though I'm bound to be a little rusty with season four/season five stuff, seeing as I stopped watching then. Heh. And as for pairing, I'm not picky, although my little C/A shipper heart still beats away. *sigh* I do love AtS. Still.
It is unwise to down five whiskey sours in an hour. Your stomach and your bushes will be very mad you later. Bleh.

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Okay, I have a question. There's a Secrets and Wishes Fest going on over at serpentinelion, and I'm thinking very hard on making my request. I'm leaning towards requesting a fic based on Closer, but I seem to maybe, possibly, very vaguely remember a fic like that having already been written.

So I figured I would ask you all, my trusty, H/D-loving flist. Anybody heard of an H/D fic based off of Closer before? Or am I just imagining the whole thing?