Abby (abbycadabra) wrote,

to the angel-mobile, away!

So, about a week ago, I whipped out my old Angel (AtS) DVDs, and... well. I have pretty much spent every spare moment since then watching the first two seasons. And OMG. Now I remember why I was so obsessed with this show. Can you say, Freakin' Awesome?

And with this new re-discovery come a few eye opening experiences:

1. I LOVE Doyle. Holy bejeezus do I ever. The first time around, my little Cordy/Angel shipper heart was so clouded over with hatred and jealousy that I never realized what a wonderful character he was. He is now one of my favorite Jossverse characters ever.

2. And, oh, the great, beautiful, wondrous slashability that is Wes/Gunn. Yes, they do love each other so very, very much, and I don't know what I didn't see that before.

3. Charisma = Beautiful. Oh, wait, I already knew that one.

Anyone know of any good, recent AtS fanfic? And by recent, I mean written within the last two or three years. (Yes, it has been that long. And it's really quite frightening to think about, yes.) I don't care about the timeline, though I'm bound to be a little rusty with season four/season five stuff, seeing as I stopped watching then. Heh. And as for pairing, I'm not picky, although my little C/A shipper heart still beats away. *sigh* I do love AtS. Still.
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