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Okay, so I'm having a bit of a quandry, and I'd love y'alls help.

So, I'm still on this Angel kick. I'm just now wrapping up the third season (there are, I think, four episodes left?), and, well, you know what's coming up. The Season of DOOM. Which, okay, I admit that I DID go through another mini quandry when I had to decide whether or not to even BUY this season and it's awesome suckiness, but that was settled pretty quickly because it was on sale at Best Buy for $19.99. And also because a good friend of mine has been along for the ride, who has never even seen AtS before, and now she's hooked. She really wants to watch the whole thing. And while this helped solve my first quandry of, Am I going to watch past the third season?, it also created a whole new one: Should I warn my friend of the colossal collapse of character and storyline in season four?

I think that, besides the fact that they slowly, painfully assassinated my favorite character, season four sucks on so many levels. So very, very many. So should I tell my friend everything about this season, or just let her watch it, unspoiled? Should I just tell her about Cordy not being Cordy the whole season, and leave it at that? But see, that's pretty much the biggest spoiler there could be. But then again, I don't want her to end up hating Cordy, and then hating Joss because of the big, stupid, Ha Ha Gotcha! at the end. Or maybe I do want her to hate Joss. I want everyone to hate Joss, I think.

Ugh! I just don't know. So thus I poll y'all, for you are far wiser than I.

Poll #911640 The Quandry

So, what should I do?

Tell her everything! If you don't, she'll end up hating the show, like everyone else.
You can't tell her! You'd be spoiling the whole thing!
Maybe just mention that the writers were on crack, that you know the season is weird, but just try to get through it?
No, geez. Abby, you are such a moron sometimes. I have a much better suggestion. Which I've left in the comments.


Ticky is MASTER.
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