Abby (abbycadabra) wrote,

i'm in love- i'm in love- i'm in love with a strict machine

Okay, I have a question. There's a Secrets and Wishes Fest going on over at serpentinelion, and I'm thinking very hard on making my request. I'm leaning towards requesting a fic based on Closer, but I seem to maybe, possibly, very vaguely remember a fic like that having already been written.

So I figured I would ask you all, my trusty, H/D-loving flist. Anybody heard of an H/D fic based off of Closer before? Or am I just imagining the whole thing?
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Goldfrapp is lovely, aren't they? I've only downloaded a couple songs, but from what I hear, I like. It's been so long since I've heard good trip hop.

Oh, and hello! *waves*