Abby (abbycadabra) wrote,

holy hell. what's this, what's this?


So... I haven't been around, and things look really different now. I feel half-retarded navigating LJ now, since I haven't seen it in about, oh, a year.

How's life on your end? I miss you guys. I'm sorry I up and left.

Me? I'm going to try to sum it up with categories and one-sentence answers, 'cause I like order and succinctness.
-Life: good, I guess. (Damn, why did I lead off the hard one? I blame the retardation.)
-Job: there's one and a half, and I actually like them both
-Writing: well, with one and a half jobs, there isn't as much time for that as I'd like. But I have written about three or four original short stories and short-shorts that're decent within the last year or so. I may put them up for editing/beta-ing purposes on a lockdown entry, but for publishing rights purposes won't be able to post them publicly. I don't think.
-Reading: currently on Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I've got it something bad for his writing and for the old west in general.
-Past Fandoms: been long gone from HP, and the last book sort of ruined it for me. (That rhymed.)
-Future Fandoms: what's a-brewing with True Blood? It's one of the only two or three TV shows I watch, and while I haven't been online fandom-wise in forever, I think it's pretty ripe for activity, especially something slashy. I know it's based on books, but that's about where that knowledge stops. Also, Gossip Girl has grabbed hold of me and I don't want it to let go.
-Movies: I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and loved it. Man, I am behind the times.

Okay, so I think that last category was pretty useless and superfluous, and that I ran out of real categories and just threw that one in there, so I'm gonna stop now before I start adding more.

ETA: I was Rizzo from Grease for Halloween. Yes, this was important enough to edit in. And yes, I did have a sweet pink lady jacket and badass Rizzo-attitude.
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Hey, you! *hugs*
My love! Just caught up on your page, and CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you, I know it's been a long road, but Carter is absolutely beautiful. I'm so, SO happy for you. :D

So you've been good then?
Hey stranger! Glad to see you're still with us and enjoying life. :0)

True Blood is awesome, and we have a little thread devoted to it over at ST. You are more than welcome to join us and discuss. Hope to see you there!
Ack, I will have to stop back in at ST! I haven't seen that lavender in forever!

Thanks, pumkin.
Hey you! Long time no see. Hope you have time to stop by again. [i]True Blood[/i] is great, I'm suprised at how much I enjoy the show. If you're looking for another show to get into I highly recommend [i]Supernatural[/i] very exciting and it's gotten so good this season.
Oh, I've heard plenty about the awesomeness of Supernatural. I'd always avoided because I never really had the time to get into new fandom stuff, but maybe I will begin to dabble.

I like to be cautious, you know. And toe at a time and whatnot. ;)

Deleted comment


ABBY! My god! Soooo good to hear from you!

Hello, my love! It's been too long!! *hugs*
I don't want to seem like a stalker, but I'm excited to see you back. I'm actually head over heels into Gossip Girl and these last two weeks have been sooooooo good--eek. I think I might love nearly every character but Blair&Chuck and Lil J are so divine. I'm glad you're still writing and producing originals--I love what you do with characters and your description, your ability to create a setting and a feeling is fantastic. ((Aka I would love to read them!))
Life is...good/bad/controversial..otherwise. I'm having my quarterlife crisis and am at peace with that.
OMG, I'm right there with you on the mad GG love. I cannot get enough; it's my new crack. I thought up until a few weeks ago I didn't like Vanessa (the only character I was still on the fence on), but then her and Chuck got all familiar and I was all like, OH SNAP. I dug it. But I just got into it. I still have season one to savor all new-like.
Having survived my (somewhat premature) quarterlife crisis, I give you all of my support. You need to vent, you can definitely do it this-a-ways.
As for the originals, we'll be sure to get up. I'm swamped at work and have to set aside time for brushing the dust off them, but I'd love your opinion!
I think the last book had the potential to ruin fandom for most people... I just ignore it. If ever I write fic, it's always AU after book five anyway. I think I may have picked that up from you, actually. WC was more believable to me than anything Rowling wrote after book five. I'm going to go all fangirl on your ass.

I'm still tempted to just take an exacto and slice out the epilogue from my book. Just utter crap.
I've actually gone and "lost" my book seven. (Oh no. How sad.) But in the meantime, I like living in the bubble. :)

Also, I love your icon. Kitties and H/D, how can it get better?
*flails* Since studying his work at uni, Cormac McCarthy has quickly become one of my favourite authors. His prose, gah. I even get to write an essay on Blood Meridian, mythology and landscape. What a chore! I strongly recommend All the Pretty Horses and The Road; they both leave me breathless.

(And I wholeheartedly second the Supernatural rec!)

Good to see you back! :)
Guh, I feel the same way about his writing. I swoon like mad. It's ridiculous really. My copy of Blood Meridian is so earmarked and wrinkled I don't like to read it in public anymore. And AtPH is next on my list. I can't wait to get to that one!

*hugs* Good to see you too, love!