Abby (abbycadabra) wrote,

holy hell. what's this, what's this?


So... I haven't been around, and things look really different now. I feel half-retarded navigating LJ now, since I haven't seen it in about, oh, a year.

How's life on your end? I miss you guys. I'm sorry I up and left.

Me? I'm going to try to sum it up with categories and one-sentence answers, 'cause I like order and succinctness.
-Life: good, I guess. (Damn, why did I lead off the hard one? I blame the retardation.)
-Job: there's one and a half, and I actually like them both
-Writing: well, with one and a half jobs, there isn't as much time for that as I'd like. But I have written about three or four original short stories and short-shorts that're decent within the last year or so. I may put them up for editing/beta-ing purposes on a lockdown entry, but for publishing rights purposes won't be able to post them publicly. I don't think.
-Reading: currently on Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. I've got it something bad for his writing and for the old west in general.
-Past Fandoms: been long gone from HP, and the last book sort of ruined it for me. (That rhymed.)
-Future Fandoms: what's a-brewing with True Blood? It's one of the only two or three TV shows I watch, and while I haven't been online fandom-wise in forever, I think it's pretty ripe for activity, especially something slashy. I know it's based on books, but that's about where that knowledge stops. Also, Gossip Girl has grabbed hold of me and I don't want it to let go.
-Movies: I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and loved it. Man, I am behind the times.

Okay, so I think that last category was pretty useless and superfluous, and that I ran out of real categories and just threw that one in there, so I'm gonna stop now before I start adding more.

ETA: I was Rizzo from Grease for Halloween. Yes, this was important enough to edit in. And yes, I did have a sweet pink lady jacket and badass Rizzo-attitude.
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