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Wow. So I got a very interesting email in my inbox the other day, which I just opened this morning--and know what it is? No? (What, you mean you're not telepathic? *G*) Anyhow, it was a translation request! (For Salvation & Sacrament.) Which is always exciting, of course, but I've had a few of those before, nothing too out of the ordinary. Until I start reading.

It's a fanzine. A published fanzine. With, like, paper and ink and stuff. And a special edition!

How cool is that? I've never had anything published before-- well, with the exception of some embarrassing things in high school that my teachers submitted. I've thought about publication before, with my original stuff, but the publication field, with its paper and ink and whatnot, has always stumped and, quiet honestly, terrified me. But I'm really excited! And still a little scared, I guess. Like, what if my mom sees it? But I know full well that a) My full, real name is not attached to it, b) She doesn't know Spanish, and c) What the hell would she be doing reading a slashzine anyway? We would have more to talk about than just my little fic, I think...

Oh, and amanuensis1, he happened to drop your name, saying he had translated and published A World Not So Black Nor White before. How was your experience with it? Were you happy you did it? I probably should have asked you all this before I gave him my permission, but I was rather excited at the moment, so... Eh. But, honestly, I figured if you'd done it, all was okay. ;)

Dude, I don't know the first thing about fanzines. I've always stuck to the 'Net. What's the what with them? The rundown? I think I'll have to do some research at Wiki.
Yay, there's a new friending meme, the Harry Potter Friending Meme 2007.

Despite the fact that I have a little trouble reading it, I'm especially fond of this one because it asks so many good questions, like what other fandoms people are fond of. I'm currently cruising for people who like HP slash and RPS, because I truly believe that we will be OTP together, lyke OMG 4eva. Oh! And I also discovered in the midst of my cruising that there is a Pride & Prejudice fandom. I had no idea! I so wanna be in that thing, man! Now I just have to find it...

So, yes, go, enjoy, make new friends, prosper, et cetera.

Happy New Year, all!

I hope that everyone is safe and accounted for this morning. And not too ill from last night's festivities. *G*

I've heard that they say how you spend the first few minutes of the new year will set a pattern for the rest of it. Well, I was with good friends and not a few strangers, smiling, kissing and hugging, and genuinely enjoying myself. That wouldn't be such a terrible 2007, now would it?

I personally don't do resolutions, because they feel like a curse more than anything else. But I will say that New Years tends to put me in a rather existential mood, and I really take a look at myself and my behavior, and despite how totally great that is, there are still a few changes I'd like to make. Like, say, to be more patient. And to return phone calls more promptly (or at all). To read and write more. And, of course, to keep my hand out of the cookie jar except on special occasions.

Bring it on, 2007. Oh yeah.
The awesome thing about Florida in the winter is that you can go to the beach.

The not-so-awesome thing is that you can also get sunburned. Badly.

Ow, ow, ow.
Well, I've had this project in mind for a while, and only now have had the time to do it. The holidays are at least good for getting time off work, if nothing else. Anyhow, bear with me. I'm unsure how to go about labelling this--there's a little bit of (very poor) writing, some story, and a lot of graphic stuff.

Author: abbycadabra
Title: Home, Sweet Home
Medium: Photoshop 7.0
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: Pitifully PG
Summary: Home is what we make of it.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Potterverse were created by JK Rowling. No infringement is intended, no profit is made. Furthermore, Boyd Holbrook and James Franco have no affiliation with this whatsoever. They are simply the pretty faces I put to JK's characters.
Note/Explanation of What the Hell This Is: (1) A magazine spread featuring our favorite boys, Harry and Draco. It's in a magazine layout style, so hopefully everyone has their computer set to 1024, because that's what I made it in. The rest should explain itself. There is manips, graphic art, and interview!fic.
(2) Read the writing, yes, but please do not think too much on it. I discovered that writing for a very limited space, well, limits you. And it sucks.
Credit: The manips may be taken and used for whatever, so long as I am given credit for them. Oh, and asking permission is so very, very nice. We don't want to be not nice, do we?

title or description

Home, Sweet HomeCollapse )

honey child, what can i do?

I can really think of only two things to say:

1. Thank you so much for everyone who commented on my last post, and/or the post before that. All of your thoughts, prayers, and condolences were appreciatively received and fell on very grateful shoulders. I love you all, very much so.

2. I was just reading through my userinfo, when I noticed for the first time EVER that one of my banners is misspelled. It's the one that's supposed to say, "A policy for everything," except that it actually says, "A policy for evyerthing." Wow, I look like a moron. I wonder how many people that has driven away over the YEARS that it's been there...

Oh! And a bonus, because I just thought about it:

3. I've been reading a lot of oft-recced fic lately, some of which has been good, some of which... not so much. The novella seems to be everyone's favorite length. Anyhow, I hope to have some recs up soon.

hi. how are you?

I seem to have an issue with updating. It's something that I'm working on. I really hope to be around more, though, because as crazy as LJ is, I miss it. And I miss you all!

Anyway, enough mushy stuff. I got a kitten! Well, he's more like a teenager kitten now. (What would you call a cat at that age? Kitty? Cat-en?) His name is Sebastian, and he was once a stray but now lives a lifestyle that I am jealous of. Sleep, play, gourmet 89-cent-per-can cat food and more toys than he really should have, since they all end up soaking wet in his water bowl...

And, yes, that sounds like that's about it with my life. How is yours?

Oh, and before I forget, I have a bunch of wallpapers I've done that I'm posting here for you all to snatch them. Take them, please.

title or description

title or description

title or description

D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S.Collapse )

you know i said POW, i came to make a bang

Well, Lance Bass if finally out and about. Of the closet, that is. Not that this is taking any of us by surprise, really, but I'm still happy for him. Here's hoping that he'll decide to delve into some gay porn cinema, because he is rather pretty.

Who wants to take bets on JC? Joey Fatone? How about Justin? I mean, Cameron Diaz is practically a man, so...

doo waa diddy, diddy dum diddy doo...

Got bored. Was feeling summer-y despite the Tropical Storm banging down my down-- Well, not really; I didn't get a drop of Alberto rain, only wind. Anyway. Back to the matter at hand. Was bored, felt summer-y, thus made wallpapers. Take them, put them on your computer. I'm not a Nazi when it comes to things of the wallpaper variety, but don't go telling all of you LJ buddies that you made it.

title or description

title or description

title or description

Six wallpapers total, and they're right behind this nifty LJ cut!Collapse )
Saw A Prairie Home Companion this weekend, and was pleased that I did. It took me a few minutes to settle into the comedy, but overall I definitely enjoyed it. Except for maybe the part where Lindsey Lohan sings. (Well, okay, I did enjoy that a little, but only because it was funny.)

Oh, and speaking of half-talent teeny boppers, Paris Hilton offically has an Artist page on mtv.com. I will not go into the details of how I feel about Paris Hilton, and especially Paris Hilton's career as Slutty Whore Extraordinaire, for it gives me violent urges, but yes, I do wish pain upon her. Painfully painful pain.

Oh! And how could I forget?! Entourage premiered this Sunday! Like, OMG. Thoughts? Comments? Squees on behalf of Ari's package? Yes, yes, bring it on.
I'm not dead. But I don't know if I'm what you would call back. I don't plan on leaving the HP fandom. Ever. I don't think it's dead either; maybe just on hold. I don't mind anyone unfriending me, but I don't plan on doing much unfriending myself. I like you all too much to do that, hence this attempt at coming back.

And I've been meaning to make this post for weeks. Finally, I've accomplished something.

p.s. X-Men was awesome. Long live Hugh Jackman's biceps.